With Trishul Construction Ltd, you will be relieved to know that we have in-depth experience of completing several types of services, allowing us to ensure that all your needs are met to high quality. Some of the services we specialise in are the following:


Ø  All types of Internal Plastering including Skimming 

Ø  All types of External Rendering

Ø  Tiling & Marbling

Ø  Brickwork & Blockwork

Ø  Structural Steelwork

Ø  Roofing Work

Ø  Carpentry & Flooring work

Ø  Masonry

Ø  All types of Plumbing including underfloor heating system

Ø  All types of Electric Work

Ø  Gardening Services

Ø  Painting & Decorating

Ø  Relocating domestic & office furniture

Ø  Extensions and Conversions

Ø  Office Partitioning

Ø  Designing & fitting for Kitchen & Bathroom

Ø  Foundation Work


For more information about the services we provide, you can read the brief descriptions written below for some services, view images of our work in the gallery or contact us using the details on the left.



Internal Plastering is when interior walls and ceilings are either levelled with sand and cement layer or alternatively old interior plaster on walls and ceilings may be replaced with new. At Trishul Construction Ltd we have workers who are experienced in carrying out internal plastering using sandpaper and metal tools, especially hard plastering. Hard Plastering helps provide a tough, smooth and high-quality surface for your building's walls and ceilings. We aim to ensure that the plastering is long-lasting by minimising the chance of any cracks occuring through the use of high-quality materials that fit within your budget. 



External Rendering is similar to internal plastering however external rendering is when a protective layer is applied on the exterior of a building. This is done in order to protect the outer area of building against weathering and damage caused by rain whilst enhancing the appearance of the building. You can view in our gallery, the previous external rendering work we have done.


We carry out several types of tiling work which consists of kitchen tiling, floor tiling, wall tiling and tiling work in porch. As seen in the image on the right, we understand the importance of having an organised and enhanced appearance within and on the external side of your building and hence when tiling we use equipment like spirit level to achieve a professional and accurate finish.





At Trishul Construction Ltd, we have workers who specialise in brickwork and through the use of good quality materials, they ensure that there are no defects in the brick wall that we create and that it is long-lasting. In order to ensure that a beautiful and clean finish is achieved at the end of the brickwork, we use sprint level which allows us to check whether the brick rows are accurately levelled.



The key objective of blockwork is to help your building benefit from good thermal mass as seen in the diagram on right. We have experience in using thermalite block, concrete block and concrete cavity block.


For structural steelwork, we use machinery or crane depending on what is required in order to safely place steel beams and columns. The steel structure would be constructed according to the drawing approved by the local authority and, to ensure all health and safety requirements are achieved, we only employ workers trained in structural steelwork to do this work.


We are experienced in carrying out a wide range of roofing work which is clear in the 'Roofing Work' section of our gallery. Some of this experience consists of replacing roof tiles, fixing new skyline windows on loft and forming a roof lantern on a flat roof. Furthermore, we have repaired and built several types of roof such as hip roof, flat roof, dormer roof and cross-gabled roof. As you can see on the image on the right, we have also built a new roof from scratch by creating wooden frame for a roof. 


There are two main types of carpentry work; first-fix carpentry work is work done before plastering work and second-fix carpentry work is work needed to be done after plastering work. Examples of first-fix carpentry work we have done include forming door frames, building wall studs and creating partition frames whilst examples of second-fix work we have done include fitting skirting boards, coving and architrave. Also, we carry out door installation in which we aim to match the new door with the other existing doors in the building as seen in the image on the right. From our previous work, we have the knowledge required to fit laminate, wooden, vinyl and carpet flooring.


The key benefit of installing underfloor heating system is that there will be even and constant heat across your building's floor whilst more space being available through the removal of radiators. Also, underfloor heating system warms more area than radiator, which results in lower temperature and energy being required to maintain warmth leading to reduced bills. There are two types of underfloor heating system: electric underfloor heating system (where electric wires under the floor produce heat) and water underfloor heating system (where hot water is pumped under the floor for warmth).


At Trishul Construction Ltd, our workers are trained in plumbing work such as placing bathtub, washbasin, toilet tank, WC frame and toilet along with installing a conventional boiler, a combination boiler, a system boiler and water tank. Also, we have experience in installing copper pipe, drainage pipe and polybutylene pipe as well as different types of taps such as pillar taps, bath filler taps, bath shower mixer taps and kitchen mixer taps. When installing these during plumbing work, we consider what would match your bathroom or kitchen whilst being within your budget and therefore we would even install modern options such as shower with concealed bathroom valve.



All our electrical work is done by professional workers who ensure that all health and safety requirements are met. As seen in the image on the right, we carry out lighting work in domestic buildings however we also carry out construction electrical work for commercial firms. You can also see in the 'Electric work' section of our gallery that we take our customer's needs and requirements in consideration. 


Gardening services provided at Trishul Construction Ltd include replacing or installing paving slab, fence and garden gate, examples for which you can view in our gallery. Furthermore, we mow garden grass, which would help make your garden look more elegant, healthy and beautiful since the grass would be cut to constant and even height. As well as that we have previously constructed short block walls to help keep plants well organised and to create a more appealing design. We care for our environment as much as you do!



The essence of painting and decorating is to enhance the aesthetic of a building and cover stains and damages that may be present in the building. However, we also aim to create a more positive and relaxing ambience through the use of high-quality paint that leaves a smooth, fine and long-lasting finish. All our workers are trained in painting work and will try to utilise the colour preferred by you.


Office partitioning has numerous benefits such as better organisation of equipment, greater privacy during meetings and creation of individual office at low cost. In addition to that, office partitioning enhances the aesthetics of a office helping you build a better impression on your customers. We can assist you with that using our experience and knowledge of office partitioning, especially glass partitioning which would improve the productivity of your staff by improving room lighting, encouraging employee accountability and reducing noise distractions.


We understand that a strong foundation is vital for a strong building and that is why we use high-performance machinery alongside our hard-working workers in order to dig extensive and deep troughs for foundation work. With Trishul Construction Ltd, you can be assured that the foundation work will be done to very high standards and all health and safety requirements will be met. In our gallery, you can see examples of previous foundation work we have done such as foundation underpinning work in order to strengthen the existing foundation.

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